Quiche, sunshine and hope

There is no breakfast more utterly delicious in the world than warm Quiche Lorraine. The perfectly baked, flaky-golden, buttery crust and the egg, Swiss cheese, bits of savory bacon and sweet diced onion filling are, simply, sublime.

Sip a glass of dry, bubbly Champagne with it and you might reach nirvana.

That’s in my own humble opinion, of course. I respect that you may not agree with me. In fact, your favorite breakfast in the world might be a crock full of hot oatmeal with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon,  and a splash of cream. Or cold pizza. I can respect that, since I’ve indulged in both, but I don’t think the Champagne would pair up well with either of them.

So, what is all this French breakfast pie praise about?

Well, it’s what I just ate to break my fast, along with a sweet, juicy tangerine. No Champagne, but you can’t have everything. It was leftover quiche from yesterday’s restaurant breakfast, the one Mom and I had following my bursitis injections, a sort of hopeful pre-celebration of their success. That Quiche Lorraine was delicious yesterday, but I have to say it was even better today.

I wish my hips were, too, but so far they’re not. I remain in more pain now than before I saw the doctor. Still, enjoying that lovely breakfast two days in a row put me in a sweet mood this morning. I remain hopeful. Hard not to be, really: outside, it’s sunny and cool. The air is almost crystalline. It’s enough to make me feel almost guilty as I read about the sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice much of the rest of the country is suffering through. But this is California. This seriously mild winter weather is why most people decide to settle here.

I don’t really have anything else to write about, today. Just quiche, sunshine and hope. I wish you all the same.

13 thoughts on “Quiche, sunshine and hope

  1. Oh dear – sorry you’re still in so much pain … but I like ‘quiche, sunshine and hope’! 🙂


  2. I so very wish we were sitting together and enjoying that quiche and champagne. Anything worthy of your time is worthy of giving gratitude.


  3. I’m sorry to hear that the steroid didn’t act immediately, Wren.

    Quiche, heavenly quiche. aaaaah That reminds me of when I lived in Richmond. There was a little restaurant (Travelers) that served the best quiche. Tall, too – it filled a souffle’ dish. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

    Maybe by tomorrow the shot will have kicked in and you’ll be feeling much better.


  4. Sorry to hear you’re still hurting. It seems this winter has been tough on a lot of us. Hopefully spring will come early and help ease our pains. Hope you get to feeling better soon.


  5. Wren, I always love how you have a little sunshine to share with us. It is always a welcome break in my day to read your posts. Sending great big healing thoughts for those hips!


  6. Sorry to hear the shots aren’t working yet – but hopefully they will soon. It sounds like you’re in an optimistic mood about it all – keep it up! (And if all else fails – get yourself a bottle of bubbly!! That’s my motto…)


  7. I vote for ValleyWriter’s suggestion of champagne! It may not actually cure anything, but it will certainly make the world a better place for a while. The quiche sounds lovely. Sending warm thoughts that the injections bring you relief soon. All the best.


  8. Oh, quiche sounds delicious right now. So does sunshine! It’s feeling like a very long winter here, although the sun is peeking out a little today. I’m going to head outside soon just so I can feel it on my face, even if it is -15!

    I share your hip-related frustration and I’m sorry the injection hasn’t worked. I hope you notice a difference soon.


  9. Zaunkönigen! These are wonderful things to write about, and you’ve hit a chord with me as I sit and read your post tonight. It’s cold out there. I’m cold. The garage door opener is kaputt. The garage door handle is cold. So quiche, sunshine, and hope sounds very, very good indeed.


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