Making it habit

It’s 8:30 a.m. as I write this. Finny and I got up and went for our walk this morning. We did two more miles, and it took us about 45 minutes. Now, I know that’s not very fast. All the stuff I read about walking for exercise is that you need to walk fast. Four miles an hour, at least. Get that heart pumping. Heh.

Well, I’ll get there. Today, I even jogged a little. A hundred steps, then I walked and caught my breath, then another hundred. And so on. I was still ridiculously slow, but … I jogged. And it felt good.

I’m not telling you this to brag – it’s hardly bragging material. When I jog the whole two miles, then I’ll brag. But I’m pleased and I wanted to share my triumph over my lazy self.

I like the early morning. As summer approaches and descends, it will be just about the only time of the day I’ll be able to get up enough gumption to go walking at all, as I’m one of those people who wants to curl up in a cool, indoor corner when it’s hot outside. Heat makes me sleepy and sluggish and cranky. And I don’t look good in shorts and sleeveless shirts anymore. Uncovering my blumphiness in public embarrasses me.

So as I contemplated my continuing effort to move my butt yesterday, I decided I’d better go for an early start and try to make it a habit. I went to bed earlier than I usually do last night – and I set my alarm to go off at the crack of dawn.

Why, I wonder, do I need to spend so much time talking myself into this fitness thing? I know for a fact that it’s nothing but good for me, and I feel good mentally and physically when I do it. I’m not competing with anyone. If I don’t take a long walk, the only one I’ll disappoint is Finny, since the little guy is always up for a good walk – and he can’t go without me. Maybe it goes back to my childhood, when I was just about the most un-athletic child on the face of the Earth. I loved to play – and that included running and jumping, roller skating and biking – but I hated PE in school, where there were always kids who ran faster and jumped higher, and who did just about everything better than I could when it had anything to do with structured outdoor games and athletic skills.

Of course, I could read a lot better than a lot of those kids. And I could draw better than any of them. And man, I could leave them in my imaginary dust when it came to telling stories.

Somehow that didn’t count when it was time for me to catch a softball. Or to hit one.

Anyway, two miles seems about right for me, for now. I’m tired by the end and ready to stop. As a result of shortening the distance I walked, I was only slightly muscle-sore this morning, and there was none of that weird joint looseness. So I’m good with it. But I’ll add more distance as the weeks pass, and I know I’ll get faster. It’s completely doable.

8 thoughts on “Making it habit

  1. Way to go Wren. We all have to start somewhere and I would say you have made a great start. Onward and upward!!!


  2. I’m sorry, you’re wrong. That is MAJOR bragging material! I can’t walk 50 yards without a pause to stretch my back and rotate my hips… can I be you when I grow up??


  3. Mary — Thanks! It’s about 12 hours later now, and I AM feeling the exercise tonight in terms of a little muscle soreness and some of that strange loose-joint feeling in my hips again. Maybe this is completely normal? Muscle soreness I expect when I first start exercising or increase exercise, but the looseness is odd and new. Anyone out there experience this after exercise? Anyway — yes. It IS a good start.

    Alex — You’re a sweetie. I hope that you’ll be able to walk a lot further soon without stopping. My goal (don’t tell anyone) is to be able to jog five miles in an hour or so, without stopping, which would far surpass ANY fitness I’ve ever achieved in my life, including my time in the military. It’s going to take some time to get there, but that’s all right. It’s worth working up to.


  4. Woo-hoo for Wren! You should be bragging. You are doing great! This is the third positive post I have read this morning and it is truly filling me with energy to get up and do something wonderful today. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Wren, I would say go slow on the running until you are sure the looseness is muscle related (as in tired muscles) as opposed to joint. Also because of the meds you are on it will take longer to recover from a pulled muscle. I exercise a lot and don’t experience joint looseness just plain old pain. Keep up the good work!! 5 MILES!!! Yowza


  6. Congratulations on your walk. I agree with the others; that is bragging material. As for the goal of jogging five miles… Wow!

    The “rules” that set a certain pace are, imo, unrealistic. I’m happy to do any exercise at all; nobody is going to start out at 4mph; we have to work our way up to it. I’m happy to do 2.7-3 mph on the eliptical for twenty minutes. No way, yet, I can keep up that pace for a full hour. Someday I will, though. And someday you’ll jog your five miles. What a terrific goal.


  7. those 5 miles will happen. i mean, you just told us. so now you’re committed! and accountable! and don’t discount the walking, even slow. it may not be much for your cardiovascular system but it’s good for your MIND and that’s a good start.


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